The Domiciles Project

Lesson Plans

Title: Title Game

Date: May 11, 2016

By: Rebecca Milone

City: Harrisville

State: N.Y.

We discussed what would make a good title for a piece of art work (something that tells the viewer a little bit about where the artist is comming from without being too obvious).  All students were given an index card and without anyone knowing which door they were picking they had to come up with a title for one of the doors.  Next they lined up and the first person read their title.  The next pesrson in line guessed wjhat door it was a title for or they could pass.  They got 4 points gor each correct answer and -2 for each incorrect answer.  We continued down the line like until everyone had a chance to read their title.  In the end whoever had the most points won.  They also dicscussed what they thought was the best title and why.