The Domiciles Project



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Domiciles Project
Indian River, Mrs. Papin
How does this door relate to my life?
The door i chose to analyze was door #7. My first reaction to the door was that it was very realistic and colorful on the side looking outside. The painting shows a very detailed man and his garden on one side, and what i assume is the inside of his house on the other side. At first glance of this door you can tell the person is very neat and organized. I feel like i can relate to the man on the door and with everything else going on in the painting.
The first side i looked at was the side showing the inside of the mans house. I noticed that everything was neatly stacked including multiple copies of the same newspaper. There were pencils on the desk that were set perfectly straight and there were also posted notes hanging up everywhere reminding him of what he needed to do for the day. To me, it seems like this man has OCD and is very organized. I can relate to this because I also have OCD and am i very organized and neat person. I like to have everything planned out for my day just like the man living here.
As i looked at the second side of the door, the man was what I pictured him as as i was looking at the first side. He was cutting the grass with scissors, and his garden was perfect. Since he seems like a perfectionist, its only fitting of his personality for him to be precisely cutting the grass with his scissors, even at the old age that he is. Now even though you won’t ever see me on my hands and knees cutting the grass with scissors, this does reflect my personality in a way. It all goes back to my need to be organized and neat. It gives the viewer an even more accurate understanding of the mans personality and proving even more that he may have OCD.
Each side of this door reflects my life and my personality. I can relate to the man in the painting, and his ideas of organization and perfection. Even though some may think OCD is a bad thing, thats’s not always the case. It helps me stay on track with what i do in school and work. From what i have inferred with the door, this man and I would agree on many things.

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