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The Door #4 is the First door that Mr. Tuttle has worked on, when I first saw it; I noticed that the original paint was peeling off, and the Spill painting on the upper portion of the door. The Painting was of an onion plant I believe, but instead of an onion, there was a fetus. I was puzzled at first, then I realized that the Baby could represent creation and life, and the old peeling paint could symbolize destruction, or decay.
The words that I am looking for, are Building and rebuilding. Everyday these words can be used as a reference in all life and objects around us. After some thought, this door has brought me to the realization that this door reminds me of my life today, it shows characteristics of creating, and decaying which is similar to the friendships I’ve had and have, and still creating. Life as a military child isn’t all that pleasant. You have the risk of having your parent deployed to a dangerous area for an extended amount of time. With a minimal living time of around two to three years in every location can really put emotional stress on a person. Spending those 3 years creating strong bonds with people who mean a lot to you can really make someone content with their life. Then when your parent receives the dreaded orders to re-locate, you know yourself that you have no say in it. This reoccurring situation has happened to me throughout my life. I would create great friendships that I would love to hold onto, cherish and spend the rest of my days with, but yet, I must be separated by them. So again, I would have to find new friends in my new state or country, which slowly destroys my previous friendships. Like the backside of door #4, which has abandoned looking fences, as if it were forgotten and slowly being dissolved into nothing. It shows that my old friends are slowly being plucked from my memories while new people are being added, destroying the bond. It has been a constant loathsome cycle since I was little. Building and rebuilding, those are the terms that I can relate my past to this Door.
- Brandon Bliss
Mrs.Papin- english 11. period 4

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