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The works below are presented as they have been submitted by the artists. We do not censor the submissions, but ask participants to be mindful that content will be viewed by people of all ages. Inappropriate material will be removed.

Damon Roberson
1st Period
Sea of Trees
At the northwest base of Mount Fuji, in Japan, there is a forest called Sea Of Trees, or, best known as Aokigahara. It has a number of hidden caverns and giant trees; because there are so many trees that the only lights that can be seen inside the forest is a collection of sunbeams. On June 23, 1968 a 28 year old by the name of Collin Marshall decided to see what all the talk about Aokigahara was about. He decided to go alone with only a book bag containing a compass, water, matches, string, first aid kit, flashlight, and a pocketknife. He told his girlfriend, Tami Harrow, “ Babe, I will be back in a five days. I will only be in the forest for three days. Of course I won’t take my phone because I won’t be able to charge it anywhere, so trust me, I’ll be fine. Love, I will be back before you know it.”
While on the plane to Japan, Collin decided to look up more of Aokigahara. He found out that just last year there was 38 bodies found dead. It is also said that there is a young man that haunts the forest. After seeing that, he stopped looking up information on Sea of Trees and decided to go to sleep most of the plane ride. When Collin arrived at Mount Fuji, he decided to go to a village called Narusawa village. It is the closest place to Aokigahara. Collin decided to ask a villager about Aokigahara. The villager said “There is a local myth that anybody who sees the ghost will be haunted by him forever, even in their dreams.” Collin asked if the villager knew of anyone who had experienced this? The villager said, “Yes, a lot of my friends have died from the ghost. But the people who die do not die in a weird way. They die by overdosing on drugs or they kill themselves.” By this time, Collin was getting a little scared, but plans on still going. Collin says, “ thanks” to the villager and says “good bye.”
On his way there Collin was thinking about what the villager said and what he looked up on the plane. Collin told himself that he most likely would end the trip earlier than planned, too. Collin is now in the Sea of Trees. After walking for about 48 minutes and putting marks of where he came from, Collin decided to take a break. After sitting on a mossy stump, Collin felt that someone was watching him. He looked around but saw no one. Collin still felt like some was there, just staring at him from all around. Collin then walked for 39 more minutes and stopped to look at the scenery and drink some water. While he was looking around, he saw something in the distance. He decides to check it out. When he got close enough, he realized it was a cabin. He checked all around the cabin to see if there was anybody inside. It looked like there hadn’t been a soul in there for years. For some reason there were no windows. There were only chipped pieces of wood and holes in the roof. He was going to open up the door but there was no doorknob. Then, he tried to see if there was a hole in the wall. There was no holes just chipped wood. So, when he tried looking in the wall he saw darkness. He decided to see if he could shine some light in the cabin with his flashlight. When he shined some light he saw a glimpse of paper but, of course, did not see what was on the paper. Then, for some reason Collin start getting dizzy, he started seeing weird colors, a weird thing. Collin tried to close his eyes but can’t. Now his eyes burn, his head feels like it is getting stabbed with something. He is in pain, so much pain that he screams. He calls for help, but no one is within miles to hear. Then after what felt like hours for Collin, the pain was slowly going away. Now, he feels like for sure someone is out there. He looks around, but sees no one. He is certain that someone is watching this time. He looked slowly, and then he sees something out of corner of his eyes. He looks but there was nothing there when he looked. He feels like he is going crazy now. Then he saw someone walking all the way out this far in the woods. It looks like a male. Why are they here though? Who are they? Do they know where they are? Collin calls out for the man. The man turns around and looks at him. Than, out of nowhere, the man was right there starring right in his face, looking mad. Collin asked, “How did you do that?” Now that Collin was looking at him up close, he realized it was a young man. Collin’s question was, how did the young man get so close to him in the blink of an eye? Collin said, “ Hey, back up a little, please, and thank you.” “How did you get to me so fast?” The young man just breathed heavily, looking mad. The man than touched his side then a pain struck in his side. A sharp pain started. The man smiled, he sees eyes, but where are they coming from, he tries to see. Too much pain, then he realized it’s from the trees.

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