The Domiciles Project



The works below are presented as they have been submitted by the artists. We do not censor the submissions, but ask participants to be mindful that content will be viewed by people of all ages. Inappropriate material will be removed.

Each morning he goes downstairs
Waiting on his wondering wonderful owner
To play outside in the warm sun
With a bark he lets his owner know its time, “Arf Arf!”
His owner smiles as he opens the door
As his owner opened the door, light shined through and tickled his nose
There were lots of smells and things to discover
He guided his owner down the long, smooth path
His owner then stopped, went to the grass and sat down
His owner sat there unstill like a rock
He believes his owner is taking in nature
Smell, feel, and listen is all they did
He looked up to see his owner feeling around: feeling around the air
Then oddly his owner smiled which led to laughter
This confused him
“Isn't beautiful” his owner said
One does not need his eyes to see
One just needs an imagination
He licked his owner’s hand
Lain on the floor
Looked into the rising sun and smiled
English 9 advanced

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