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Society tells women that being extremely thin makes them pretty. I think that's one of the most ridiculous ideas in society. If everyone liked or disliked someone for their personality, then we wouldn't have eating disorders.
Adele said that she "makes music for the ears, not the eyes." She has a nice voice and writes good lyrics. That's all that should matter. Instead of focusing on someone's personality and talent, most people choose to be nasty just because a person doesn't look "perfect." No one is perfect in their body or personality, because we're all human.
The main eating problems people suffer from are anorexia and bulimia. Anorexia is when someone refuses to eat. The few times they do eat, it's a very small amount. Bulimics do ear, but they purposely don't keep it down. They usually eat a lot at once and force themselves to throw up. There are pro-anorexia blogs on the Internet, but why would a person want to say a disorder is good?
I'm a person that couldn't care less about fashion and what's "in." Women around the world care too much about how they look. If women spent half their time they do on style or activities like dancing or swimming, they would be healthier. To exercise, your body needs lots of fruits, vegetables, and protein.

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