The Domiciles Project



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In my project based on the Domiciles Project, I would like to review a door that is referred to as Door #3. I think there can be many ways to infer about the story behind the door, but mine, like others, may have the same basis of an idea. It is Christmas Night and the North Star is shining beautifully on the back of the door; I think this is so because it shows what "Santa" would see on Christmas Night and how wondering eyes may be peering outside for a sneak peek at "Santa" and the anxiousness of wanting until tomorrow to get presents and be with their family. The view of the house has a lot to do with the story I think because the door may seem like just a door, but a door can tell a lot about the people living in the house. This door looks rustic, old, and kind of cheaply made; this could mean that the family could be sort of poor and does not have enough money to make improvements.So the star and scenery could mean a sense of wonderment and a different feeling of wishing for a better life or many other things. Some people like rustic things, but the other side of the door shows a sweet and warming side that shows rustic style and candle light. This again shows the warmness of the scene but could mean the people do not have enough money for electricity. Another thing is the walnuts that have been eaten and some that have been used for decorations. Did "Santa" do this? Has he helped this family by instead of giving them presents, gave them a warm and nice holiday by giving them scenery to enjoy it with or just closure that things will get better. The tree is beautiful and that gives the idea of a present within its self, to be able to look at the tree with wonderment and amazement. The North Star is also on the tree and is now on both sides of the door. Does this mean anything? I think these are questions that we must ask ourselves and interpret this door in many ways and opinions to get the full story.
English 10 The Domiciles Project

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