The Domiciles Project



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The house was perfect, perfect like her life, Amanda thought. Amanda and Jenna had been friends since 5th grade. They were always close in elementary and middle school, but when high school came they grew apart. Amanda took a more academic approach to school, excelling in every and any class she took while Jenna worked on her social status, not her social studies. Jenna was Student Council President, Captain of the cheering team, and Homecoming Queen for two years in a row. Since it was their senior year of high school, both of them were busy picking out colleges and worrying about S.A.T. Prep, so their mothers suggested they study together. Both Jenna and Amanda's parents went to college together and were still close friends even though their daughters weren't anymore. As Amanda walked up to Jenna's front door, she remembered how much she used to love the garden in the front yard. Amanda was greeted by Jenna and her younger brother Andy. The three of them started the long climb to Jenna's bedroom. Andy joked that the three siblings were now again reunited and playfully bumped in Amanda. This caused her to lose her balance and tumble down the stairs. Jenna shrieked and and ran to Amanda's side. She noticed Amanda was not breathing and quickly told Andy to call an ambulance. After a grueling wait, the doctors told Jenna and her family that Amanda did not make it. Jenna went home and planted a flower for her friend the very next day in the garden she had loved so much.
English 10 The Domiciles Project

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