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The Unexpected Tragedy
It was a nice warm Wednesday when Fred’s family came together at his house. His family came to his house because Robert was leaving for the army. He didn’t even want to go into the army. His father was always pushing on him to join. Finally Robert gave in and he was going to join. Fred was so excited because when he was younger, he was in the army too. It was a family tradition for them. Robert was twenty-one and his birthday was in four months. He wouldn’t be able to celebrate it at home because he would already be gone. So Fred wanted to surprise his son before he left for basic training. So Fred called Robert’s sister, Sarah, and her three kids, Max, Sophie, and Maria. Sarah planned on coming and she was going to bring pizza, wings, and breadsticks. He also called his brother, Cody, and his two kids, Gabby and Emily. Gabby was two and Emily was three months old. Max was one, Maria was four, and Sophie was seven. Robert is the youngest in the family and Sarah is the oldest. Robert planned on having kids in the future, too. His father wants him in the army though, so he is waiting. Cody had planned on coming too. So he was going to take care of the drinks. Fred planned the get together on July twenty-fourth. So they still had a couple of days to get ready.
So Fred decided that he needed to change the place up a bit. So he went to the furniture store to see what they had. When he got to the store, he saw some furniture that reminded him of the past. He couldn’t decide if he wanted things that reminded him of his past or things that looked all fancy. So when he finally decided, he bought the furniture that reminded him of the past. That was a good thing too. So he got the furniture and made the house all nice for the party. It was the day of the party, and Fred and Robert were so excited. The party was really great but Robert started getting really sad. Robert was getting really sad because he knew that he had to leave soon for basic training. He would be leaving in a couple of days so he tried spending as much time as possible with his family. The couple of days flew by and today was the day that Robert was to leave for basic training. He said his good byes, then he left. He would be there for about four months. During those four months his father really missed him, but he knew it was for the best.
The four months flew by and today was the day that Robert was to come home. Robert had been really successful in basic training, so he was glad that his father had pushed him into joining the army. He really liked the army, so he decided it would be his career. His job shipped him overseas to a different base. He was really good at his job, so he got informed that he was going to war. He let his father know, and his father was worried. So Robert went to war, and during that war, he and his buddies died from an explosion. His father found out by watching the news and he started blaming it on himself that his son died in war. To remember his son, the father kept a picture of him on his nightstand. He also kept a few trophies and old toys that his son always loved having with him. From then on, Fred tried so hard not to push people in life.

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