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Abby Bice Mrs. Amberg
ELA- “Doors to Stories” Lesson #7 Domiciles Project: Door 4
Gouverneur High School
Delilah was a very intelligent person. She always had a smile on her face. Her mother Anne was always cooking anything she could make from her grandmother’s recipes. Delilah was blonde with blue eyes. She had gotten it from her Dad. Delilah and her Mom had always lived on a small farm in Chattanooga, Tennessee. Delilah and her family have had mostly horses. They now have a couple cows and pigs named Frank and Lucy. Out of all the horses, Delilah’s favorite was Smokey. She had gotten Smokey when she was only five and a half. When she got old enough, she would ride out into the middle of the field to the apple tree. She would read her books away while Smokey ate apples off the tree. Delilah had always loved Smokey from the beginning. No matter where Smokey was, she was right there beside him.
One day Delilah had gone out to the barn and saw that none of the horses or animals were in the pasture nor in the barn. She had searched the day away with her mother, when bam! It hit her in the face. She had realized that there was a fence way back in the field that had been broken for a while. She had hopped onto the four-wheeler and when she got there, the animals were all lying down next to the fence. She felt relief. The next morn, Delilah had woken up to the smell of fresh bacon and pancakes. She put her robe on and walked downstairs. “Good morning darling. Don’t you look astonishing,” said her Mum. “Good morning Mom, I see you have food cooking, as usual. And no, I look like Frankenstein’s wife.” “Delilah darling, you’re beautiful anyways. Anyways Smokey has been looking a bit on the down side. She has been getting pretty big stomach wise.” “Okay, I will have to go and visit her.” “I also called the vet to have him come look at her to see if he could find anything.” “Thanks Mom!”
Delilah went down to the barn and didn’t come back up till noon-ish when the vet came to see Smokey. He was down there until three-ish. When he finally stepped out of the barn, Delilah hopped up and ran to him with her mother walking behind her. The vet said “Smokey just seems to be sick, but I found out something interesting along with it.” Delilah and her mother invited the man in for some coffee and cookies. “I found something, alongside your horse, Smokey, being sick. Your horse is pregnant. She is about four months along.” Delilah jumped from the couch and was happy as can be. She had joy. She spent the rest of the day with Smokey and talking to her about horse names. Delilah’s day was made.
Four months went by and Smokey had her foal and she was doing swell. But something tragic followed this. Smokey had passed because she had caught a disease and her sickness didn’t help at all either. Delilah was in a deep depression. She had loved that horse with all her heart and might. Delilah and her mother had to find a way to feed the foal. Delilah called her Smokey Jr. They had gotten formula and bottles to feed the baby and keep it alive. She grew up to be a big strong race horse and made millions of dollars. Smokey Jr. had become famous. Delilah had at least gotten something good out of it. As the years went by, Delilah eventually got married and had a little girl named Theresa. Smokey Jr. and Theresa were best friends, just like her Mom and Smokey. Delilah and her family lived on and Smokey Jr. got many awards and flowers and was named # 1 in every magazine, TV, and newspaper. Delilah was proud and her daughter was too. Smokey Jr. had made history.

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