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The government found me in the cell of an abandoned prison. I was shot in the gut and thrown away like a piece of trash. I don’t blame the man, though. I did steal about 24,000 dollars and some weapons, and yes, I was caught. So as I was awaiting my death, three policemen came in and heard me yelling and groaning so they called an ambulance for me and thanks to the paramedics who got me to my normal shape.
I just wanted to live my life like it used to be in a trailer park with me and my parrot, Craig, but obviously, that didn’t happened. I got locked up in jail for smuggling drugs. I have been in jail for three years and now the government wants me to help them. My exact words when they wanted me to help find this sneaky old man was, “go get him yourself and leave me alone, you guys locked me up and I’m staying here,” but my words automatically changed when they, said “ We will let you out of jail and, on top of that give you $450,000 reward for his arrest.” I was so shocked I didn’t even reply. They knew it was a yes. So then I was off to Russia to meet Mr. Solvechi. This man is very powerful and has so many connections, but hopefully my plan will work.
As I arrive to this strange place, I notice many things: how the smog almost kills you when you breathe and how many people like to call you names because you’re American. These are real Russians and they don’t play around; if you look at them funny, they will want to fight with you. I do also have some relatives here. They will help me with weapons and any money needs. I walked 27 miles that day to my Aunt Sofia’s house because I only have American money.
When I got there, she had the biggest smile on her face and she was also shocked to see me. She said, “What are you doing here, Rodney? I thought you were in jail?”
I replied, “Yes, I know; things changed and I have lots of work to do, serious business. Where’s uncle Diego?” She said, “He’s out with the boys. You might be able to meet him. It’s just two blocks down the road.” I left with haste. I needed to get weapons and a crew to take down Mr. Solvechi. I got to the bar with my uncle’s mafia inside. They were about to shoot me as I approached them, but my uncle recognized me. I said, “I need a favor, uncle; I need your help,” He replied “What is it my nephew? I’ll do anything for you,” I said. “I need a crew, money and some guns.” With a puzzled look on my uncle’s face, he said, “What trouble do you have yourself into now, Rodney?” I said, “I need to kill Mr. Solvechi” Without any warning I felt a big hit on my head.
As I woke up dazed and coming back to my senses, I was in a basement filled with militia and weapons. My uncle was there and said “I couldn’t let you be heard. And our base is top secret. No eyes can know where it is.” I replied, “So you had to knock me out? You couldn’t just blindfold me? He said, “Well of course but your cousin needed pay back and I said it was alright.” “But now this job is big, and I bet you’re getting paid, so we might need to settle this out and split the money.” I replied, “They are paying me 450,000 dollars for a reward. We can split it.” Diego said, “Well, I got the men and the weapons. Let’s get him.”
The next day I used Mr. Solvechi’s old phone number; he answered. I said, “This is your old buddies. This is going to be short and simple I’m coming to kill you.” And I hung up. I said to the crew, “Get ready boys this might get dirty.” With my uncle’s connections we have a tank, three jets, cargo plane and six helicopters. It looks like we were going to World War III. We flew the cargo plane filled with weapons men and tank.
Through the arctic cold, we found the base. We had it surrounded on all sides; the helicopters took out all guards, so it was a pretty easy mission. They gave us covering fire as the tank blew a hole through the side of his building. We breached through, killed everyone in sight but did not see Mr. Solvechi. One of the men in the helicopters saw him take off in an escape jet just 240 yards away. I ran as fast as I could to the cargo plane, grabbed the rocket launcher with lock-on aim, and blew him to pieces. We were all happy and celebrating until the Russian army came and made us surrender.
We were locked up for two weeks in one of the worst jails in Russia until the United States finally convinced the Russians to let us go. After they did, they paid us extra for being in that prison. We were paid 1,000,000 dollars and we all split it evenly. Most went to grandma; she hid it in her walls and could now afford her medical bills.
Now after this I am where I always wanted to be, in a trailer park with my parrot, Craig, having a good time.

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