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Drewanna Charter – Grade 10 Mrs. Amberg–lesson #7
ELA “Doors to Stories Domiciles Project: Door# 10
Gouverneur High School
What Goes Around, Comes Around
It really sucks being the new girl on the first day of school, you know? I’m walking through the doors of the school, and everything just seems so foreign, and everyone keeps looking at me. As I’m walking down the hallway, I really only notice one person. He just stands out. It may be because as I’m walking, he’s asking what looks to be his girlfriend about me. He said, “Is that the new girl people are talking about?” Oh no, people are talking about me. Is my outfit weird... hair messed up..? I should just go to homeroom. I walk into homeroom and sit next to this girl with blonde hair and blue eyes. She seems nice. She turns to me and says “Hi, I’m Chelsea. What’s your name?” I nervously say, “Annabelle.” Chelsea says how she loves my dirty blonde hair and how it matches my silvery blue eyes. I thank her and look forward as the bell rings.
The teacher talks, but I don’t listen. I’ve got that boy on my mind… he’s so attractive. I noticed he had brown hair and blue eyes. He was also wearing a football jersey. Everyone suddenly stands up for the pledge of allegiance, so I do too. I sit down and still can’t stop thinking about him. Then I think to myself calm down he has a girlfriend. The bell rings, so I walk out of homeroom. Chelsea quickly follows me and we compare schedules. We have a couple classes together, and then she takes me to my first class, history… I don’t like history.
As I walk in, I notice the girl that was with that guy, and she whispers to her friend, but I hear her. She says, “Looks like someone likes food,” and nods her head in my direction. I didn’t think I was fat. I looked at her and she had the perfect body and everything: bleached blonde hair, blue eyes, and a nice tan. I sit down and the teacher starts taking attendance. I listen to see what that girl’s name is. He says “Ashley.” And she replies, “Here,” in the snottiest voice I’ve ever heard. I kind of zone out and eventually the bell rings. I walk out and there’s Ashley’s boyfriend. They walk close to me so I can hear everything. Ashley mentions my name; I didn’t catch what she said. I turn to unlock my locker and so do they. I hear Ashley say, “Alex don’t forget to wear red tomorrow. We have to match.” Alex rolls his eyes and says, “Okay.” He kisses her, and she struts away. I’m putting stuff in my locker and he turns and says, “Hey Annabelle, I’m Alex.” It catches me off guard, so I find no words, then say, “Oh…uh… hey.” Then the bell rings and he says “I better go.” I say, “Me too.”
We both walk into the same room and we look at the board which has a seating chart on it; we both look for our names... Oddly enough, our names are by each other. So we sit down. The whole class period is filled with mini awkward little conversations between us. I pretty much zone out for the rest of the day till lunch. I go through the line and get my food; it looks gross. I sit down with Chelsea. Ashley and Alex sit right behind me... Ashley makes remarks about me throughout lunch, and finally Alex says, “Oh, shut up.” They fight and he walks away. Lunch ends and I continued my day of being zoned out.
I was walking out of school and overheard Ashley and Alex fighting. Ashley said, “What’s your problem? What? Do you like her!?”
Then Alex says, “You’re stuck up.. You aren’t better than everyone else. If anything, you’re worse! I’m done with you. It’s over!”
Then I was shocked when I heard this next thing. Ashley says “I’m pregnant and it’s probably not yours.”
Alex then walked over to me and walked me out of the school. As days passed, Alex and I grew closer and started to flirt a little. He had mentioned that he only put up with Ashley because she was pretty and everyone thought they were cute together. I found myself really starting to like him. I started not eating and when I did eat, I got sick after. I wanted a body like Ashley. I want Alex to like me! Ashley kept making comments about my weight and I kept losing weight rapidly. I never thought I was “fat.” I was in size 6 pants. But I wanted Alex to really like me! After all, I did play with Barbies when I was little. I always wanted to look like one. I think Alex is starting to notice that I’m starting to lose weight; he asked me if I was working out. Ashley made a point to tell me she had the perfect dress for homecoming and I’d never look better than her. I went home that day and mom was actually home for once and made dinner. I ate, then went to the bathroom and got sick. She caught me making myself puke. Now, I have to go to the doctor’s and she’s always trying to get me to eat stuff. I’m really, really skinny now, and I hope Alex doesn’t get mad at me for losing weight so fast. I fit a size 3 pant now, the same size as Ashley. I walk into the cafeteria and Alex comes in and insists I go to lunch with him, so I go and get lunch too. We are sitting down and Alex is eating and he said, “Why aren’t you eating. I noticed you haven’t even been getting lunch lately.” So I told him what was going on. He was really worried about me and so was Chelsea. That night he walked me home after I watched him at football practice. We got to my front door and he asked me to date him and said, “You’re the most beautiful girl I’ve ever seen inside and out. You’re just awesome. Don’t let Ashley get to you. She’s just a conceited b **ch. So what do you say, be my date to homecoming?”
I was shocked and surprised! And happy, happier than ever. I obviously said, “Yes! Of course.” Then Alex said, “As my girlfriend?” I said “Yes!!!” Alex told me I had to start eating more and gaining weight because he doesn’t want me getting extremely ill, and that, no matter what, I’ll always be beautiful in his eyes. I agreed to it. I went to bed that night extremely happy after being on the phone with Alex for a couple of hours.
Alex took me to dinner every night that week. Homecoming is in two day’s so my mom, Alex and I are all going dress shopping. Alex wasn’t much help choosing, he said he liked all of them. I ended up getting a silky silvery blue dress. It matched my eyes perfectly! I just got a pair of white flip flops to go with it. We went to dinner again after shopping. I had gained around ten pounds this week. I looked healthy again, and Alex was proud of me!
Homecoming is in like a couple hours… I’m so excited! I’m getting my hair done at a salon while Alex is out buying something; he said it was a surprise. My hair is half up and half down in a small bun and it’s curled. Now homecoming is in just an hour. I’ve got to go home to do makeup and put my dress on. I get home and get ready. As Alex pulls in, I’m just finishing up. I look out the window and see a huge black limo. It’s just for Alex, Chelsea and me. Chelsea walks in and she’s wearing a black and blue dress which looks amazing with her blonde hair and blue eyes. Alex is wearing a tux with a tie and vest that match my dress perfectly. We take pictures and, as I’m walking out the door, Alex puts a white rose corsage on my wrist and kisses my forehead. We get in the limo and go to homecoming.
We park and walk in; the first person we see is Ashley. She had to get a different dress because her figure was starting to change being pregnant and all. Her dress was a forest green and she had just got done puking; you could tell. She didn’t even have a date tonight! I felt bad for her, but at the same time it made me happy to see her down and sick instead of myself for once. Alex said “nice dress” as we walked by her. I yelled at him for it because she’s obviously got what she had coming. We pay our way in and dance together. We had a great night. After, we went to eat. Alex took me home… he walked me to my door, took my hand and said, “I had a really good night tonight. You look amazing. Words can’t even describe it! I hope it’s not too early to say it, but, Annabelle, I love you. I honestly have never felt this way about anyone before. I hope you feel the same because if not I’d probably cry.” Then I said, “Alex, I had an outstanding night! You’re the best! You’ve been by my side through a lot this past month and no, it’s not too early. I love you too! And, yes, of course I feel the same way!” We kissed for a while, and then Alex and his adorable self said “good night” and got in the limo. I watched it drive away, out into the darkness. I looked up and the stars were beautiful. Maybe being the new girl isn’t so bad after all.

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