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Kayla Gladle – 10 Mrs. Amberg: Lesson #7
ELA – “Doors to Stories” Domiciles Project: Door # 5
Gouverneur High School
Sara Castle
The body had been pushed off the stairs and had landed on the lavish white tiles. Sara Castle was dead, and she had been murdered. Kelly read from her book.
She had written it a year ago, and she was finally reading it to her roommate. She had been pushing and pushing for her to read it. She had originally refused, but she had finally given in a few days ago.
Kelly was 24 and lived with her roommate, Dakota, in a two bedroom apartment in Seattle, Washington. She had lived there since she had started college five years ago. She had originally lived there with Susie, her old roommate, but she had moved out a year ago when they both graduated from college.
Danny walked into the house and saw his mom crying on the couch and his father was still gone to work. His father was a Sheriff in their little town. They lived in Mystic Falls, Washington. His sister used to live there with them, but she had moved out five years ago with her friend. “Mom what’s wrong?” Danny asked with caution. When he walked around the couch, he saw that she had the phone in one hand and a picture frame with Sara in it in the other. “Mom, what happened?” He asked a little more stern, fear rising in him. Something was wrong and it had to do with Sara.
Kelly watched as her roommate leaned forward while she read. Dakota was the one pushing her to do more with her stories than anyone else. Dakota was like the sister Kelly never had. Just then someone buzzed the apartment. Dakota jumped sky-high, but Kelly knew it was her little brother who was visiting on his way to look at colleges. Before she could reach the doorway, Dakota had hit the button and asked “Hello?”
Three minutes later Damon Carter was in the doorway to her apartment. He had never been there before, and Kelly had made a point to try and clean up a little bit. She had never been a clean freak, so by cleaning up, she basically just meant shoving things in the nearest hallway closet or under the rug.
By the time Danny’s dad got home he was frantic. His mom still wasn't talking, and she was still crying. He wanted to know what happened. His dad walked in with a smile that quickly changed when he saw his wife’s face. “Honey, what’s wrong? What happened?” Danny’s dad asked his mom in a soothing tone as he walked over and sat at the couch. “I got a … call.” She said between her sobs. His dad now had his hand on her back trying to soothe her. “Sara … is … dead.” Danny’s heart stopped … he loved his sister more than anything.”
Kelly watched as her brother tried to drive to the restaurant in the heavy city traffic. Her brother was a huge fan of Chinese and she was taking him to her favorite one. She had invited a friend and had told Damon to do the same.
The restaurant was busy like usual and the waiter sat them while they waited for their friends. She had invited Eric, who had been a friend of hers since they were five and she knew Damon would get along well with him. Damon had refused to tell her who he had invited. Ten seconds later she saw Eric being lead to the table by her favorite waitress, Chiaki.
Danny’s dad was speechless. He took the phone and had dialed the last number that called. Danny watched as he walked out of the room on the phone. Danny couldn't take it anymore. He grabbed his book-bag and walked out the door. He had had his license for over a year and his parents had gotten him a car for Christmas last year. Once he put his seatbelt on and started the car, he just drove. Two hours later he found himself at his friend Kelly’s house.
Kelly was 5’4” and dark blonde. They had known each other since they were five. He knew that he could tell her everything and he would be safe. He got out of his car and walked up the path to the door. He had been there a lot and knew Kelly would be home.
He walked into the foyer and took off his shoes inside. Up three steps from the foyer and he was in the kitchen. It took him all of three seconds to get up the stairs. Kelly was sitting at her desk staring at her homework. "Hey," he said in a small voice. Kelly jumped 13 feet in the air and gasped. The next thing he saw was a pen being thrown at his face. He caught it with no problem and laughed.
"That's not funny; you know I hate it when you scare me like that." She said still trying to gain her composure. He walked through the doorway and sat on her bed. Her desk was exactly across from it. They didn't say anything for a few minutes so he just laid there.
Eric and Damon were talking like crazy, something about football or what not. Damon was sitting across from Kelly and Eric was sitting next to her. Damon sat up at the table after he looked at his phone and said, "I'll be right back." Kelly just nodded and waved. She turned and looked at Eric. Seeing him there reminded her of her book and the night that he was in her room telling her that his sister was dead.
The house was a huge white Southern plantation with lots of colorful plants. Danny was at his sister’s house. His family had driven down to see what happened. The cops were still there, too.
Kelly remembered the funeral as if it were yesterday. That was the day they finally caught the killer.
The funeral was a day where Danny didn't want to see anyone or hear anything. He was in the front row with his parents and his sister's fiancé.
Kelly was by the fireplace, and Danny's parents were on the couch. Kelly had gotten up and walked over to him. She had two cups in her hand. Danny took the one she had offered to him and drank; it was water. Danny looked at the door when the doorbell went off. Someone answered the door, he didn't know who, but three cops walked in. Once they spotted Sara's fiancée, Henry, they walked over and said, "You’re under arrest for the murder of your fiancée, Sara Castle."
Kelly had been really surprised when she learned that. She never would have guessed that he had killed her. Apparently their relationship and been all about the money she had, for him, and nothing to do with love. He had been found guilty and had been in prison ever since.
Damon showed up a few minutes later while she had been thinking about her book. He had Jessie next to him. Jessie had lived next to her parents’ house and she guessed they had either grown into close friends or they were dating. She guessed dating. Eric just smiled and laughed and said, "Hey, Jessie."
Kelly was happy about her life and her book. She and Eric had grown close after Sara died. They both lived happily in Seattle and they visited Sara's grave a lot together.
Kelly had finally gotten to the Epilogue in her book and she was making them beg her to finish it. Dakota was so mad she threw a pillow at her while Eric and Damon just sat on the couch.
12 years later
Danny was standing over Sara's grave making his yearly visit. He laid her favorite flowers down and was smiling. When he turned back to go to his car, he smiled even more when he saw his daughter and his wife, Kelly.
Dakota gasped and Eric just smiled as Kelly lifted her hand and showed off her new, shiny engagement ring.

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