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Kayla Sampson- Grade 10 Ms. Amberg: Lesson #7
ELA- "Doors to Stories" Domiciles Project: Door #5
Gouverneur High School
“Today’s the day. I’m going to finally do it. I swear I will!” I promised myself, eager for the school bus to pick my sister and me up.
“What are you gonna do today, Lillie?” Olivia looked up at me curiously. With that look in her eyes, I knew I wouldn’t be able to wiggle my way out of explaining.
“Well…” I took a deep breath, and sighed. “The guy I really like is going to be my partner in history today. I’ve been telling myself that I’d ask him to date me, but I keep chickening out.”
Olivia cocked her eyebrow at me. “What? Why would you chicken out? I thought you were brave.”
“I am, Olivia, just not when it comes to relationships. I’m a bit awkward when dating comes into the question.”
Luckily, the bus pulled up just as I finished my sentence. I wouldn’t have to explain anything more to Olivia. I got on, said “good morning” to my bus driver, and sat in my designated seat. I looked out the window and I thought of how beautiful it was.
We got to school early, so while I sat on the bus, waiting to be dismissed, I texted Marcus. Since he didn’t feel like answering, I texted my best friend Gavin. It was his birthday, after all.
“Happy birthday, bud! How old are ya today?” I texted.
As I waited for a reply, I got off the bus and went to my first period class, which happens to be band. As I was cleaning my trumpet, I got a text back from Gavin.
“I’m the big 1-6. Can you believe it?!” Gavin said.
“My Gavin is growing up so fast! It was just yesterday that you were 15!  Well, I have to head off. I’ll text you when school is over with. Bye!” I texted back.
Shutting my phone off and putting it in my book bag, I continued to practice my scales and sight reading.
“I can’t wait for 4th period! I’ll finally have the chance to ask Marcus out. Oh, it’s so exciting!” I thought to myself.
The thought really was amazing. I imagined how cute of a couple we would be, how everyone would be jealous that they couldn’t find a love like ours. I’d be the luckiest girl on Earth. No, in the universe!
“Lillie, you’re being called to the nurses’ office. Something about not taking your medication.” Mr. Carlise interrupted my thoughts.
“Alright.” I replied, reluctantly.
I hate taking my meds. I don’t even need them. So, I try to skip out on them as much as I can. I’m always told that I have to take them, but when you have to take 15 different medications twice a day, you’d get tired of it too. But, I took the pass and left to the nurses’ office anyways. Well, at least that’s what everyone thought I did. I actually just went to the restrooms, ripped up the note, threw it away, and came back to class.
“No medication for Lillie today. No way. I’m gonna prove that I can do normal things without it. For instance, if I ask Marcus to be my boyfriend, I can go home and tell my mom and dad, and they’ll realize I don’t need the meds,” I told myself, content with the plan I devised out of thin air.
Settling back down in my chair, I caught up with the music and played until the bell rang. I continued to participate fully in my next two classes- Chorus and Physical Education. I was super hyped for 4th period.
After changing back into my clothes, I went to 4th period, otherwise known as History, also known as “the-place-where-Marcus-and-I-started-dating.” That had a nice ring to it. I sat down in the front row and took out my materials needed for the period. Just before the late bell rang, Marcus came rushing in. Taking the desk next to me, he did the same. He smiled at me, and man, did my heart rush. I had major butterflies.
The teacher, Mrs. Alexander, kept blabbing on until half the period was over. When she finally announced that it was time to work with our partners we had chosen the day before, I felt ecstatic. I actually started feeling a bit dizzy. My head was really foggy, and I started seeing two of everything.
“Crap. I must be feeling this way because I didn’t take my meds. It’ll be okay though. I’ll go to the nurse after I ask him.”
“Lillie, are you okay?” Marcus asked, purely confused and worried.
“Y-yeah. I’m alright. Hey, I-I have something to ask.” I said, stuttering.
“Uh, sure. Are you positive you’re okay?”
“I am. But, I w-wanted to know i-if you’d like to go o-out with me? I’ve liked you for a-a while now, and it’d mean a lot t-to me.”
Following my question, Marcus smiled. The his smile faded, and he frowned and looked away.
“I would, honestly, but I… I already have a girlfriend. I’m sorry. But, hey! Let’s still be friends, alright?” Marcus said with a big, enthusiastic smile.
I smiled back, but I didn’t want friends. I wanted him to be my boyfriend, and being “just friends” wasn’t going to work.
“Yeah, sure. I-I’m sorry. I g-gotta go now.” I muttered, barely audible.
Walking up to Mrs. Alexander’s desk, I requested a pass to the nurse. But, once again, I decided not to go. Instead, I walked out of the building.
“What am I gonna do now? I mean, if he has a girlfriend, he can’t go out with me.” I thought as I walked down the sidewalk. Then, all of sudden, I snapped. I knew what I had to do, and I would accomplish it tonight.
Running back into the school, I went to my class and sat down. I needed to know who Marcus’ girlfriend was, and where she lived. So, I asked.
“Her name is Jewel. And man, does she look like one. She’s beautiful.” Marcus replied, obviously lost in the thought of his “beloved” one.
“That’s a nice name. Where does she live? I mean, does she go to a different school? I don’t think anyone here is named Jewel.” I asked with fake enthusiasm. The sooner she was gone, the sooner Marcus was mine.
“Yeah, she lives down in Buffalo. It’s not that far from here, so it’s not really a long distance relationship. I see her every weekend. Why do you wanna know?” Marcus cocked an eyebrow. I knew I’d have to make up a pretty good excuse for wondering about his girlfriend’s whereabouts.
“Well, uh…” I started, not sure how to finish that sentence. Then it hit me. “Well, if we’re gonna be friends, shouldn’t I become friends with Jewel as well?” I said with a big, fake smile. He must’ve bought it because he smiled right back at me and replied happily;
“Yeah, I guess you’re right!” Marcus laughed.
“His laugh is amazing. And soon I’ll be the one who makes him laugh.” I thought.
“Well then. Let’s get to our project.” I said, ready for tonight. I wasn’t going on a date, but I was gonna do something special. Very special.
Later that night, I rode my bike to Buffalo. Marcus was right- it wasn’t that far away. Not as far as I thought, that is.
It was around 11:00 at night when I snuck out my window. So, estimating about 30 minutes of riding time, plus a couple of stops, I got to Jewel’s around 11:45 p.m. Thank goodness for telephone books and last names, or else I’d have no idea where to go.
Setting down my bike quietly in the road, I silently walked into Jewel’s lawn. According to Marcus, she was an only child and obsessed with the color pink. So, by using that information, I figured her room was the one that had pink curtains. As I tried my hardest to climb up the pillars that held the outside roof up with a flashlight in my mouth, I planned out what I would do.
“She’s obviously asleep by this time. So, I can open the window and jump on her before she has the chance to scream. Man, when Marcus finds out he’s single tomorrow, he’ll come crying to me for comfort. And I’ll be there just for him.”
My mind was blurred. I was full of adrenaline as I opened the unlocked window and looked inside. Her bed was across the room, and she was lying on her side, away from the window. Perfect. I had the element of surprise. Then again, Jewel would be surprised as it was. It’s not like she knew that she was gonna die tonight.
I grabbed my thigh. Good, the knife was still there. This is what I would use to end her precious little life. Walking silently across the room, I jumped on her. And that was it. She tried to scream, but how could she when there was a knife in her throat? I worked swiftly. With the blood pouring out of her throat, it was a bit messy. But I finished, and she was dead.
I ran out the window, jumped off the roof, and sprinted to my bike and got on. I pedaled as fast as I could back to my house. I washed all evidence and took a burning hot shower. Man, I got away with it. No one would know, and I would win. I tossed the knife under my mattress and went to bed.
“Marcus, what’s wrong?” I asked.
The next morning at school, Marcus looked like he’d been crying. No one knew why except for him and me. Well, at least he thought I didn’t know.
“I received some news this morning. And it wasn’t the good kind.” Marcus sighed, and looked at me with sad eyes. Soon, his eyes wouldn’t be so sad, and he’d forget about the “news.”
“Well, I can’t help if you don’t explain. So, please do so.” I said, as he came in for a hug. I held him tight.
Whispering in my ear, he told me his girlfriend was killed. He didn’t want many people to know, but I was an exception. After all, I’d been there for him for everything else. As he did so, I smiled behind his back. I did better than I thought, because no one knew who could possibly have done it.
Letting Marcus go, I looked him in the eye with sympathy.
“I know it’s hard. My grandfather was stabbed to death as well,” I said. Just after I said it, I realized I had made a horrible mistake.
“I never said how she died.” Marcus said, slowly and suspiciously. Then it must’ve made sense to him. His eyes got wide, and he backed away from me.
“You! It was you! YOU KILLED HER. YOU KILLED MY GIRLFRIEND!!!” Marcus screamed, turning and running away.
I was stunned. I just stood there. Then, the security guards came with weapons, in fear that I’d fight back. But I couldn’t. I just couldn’t find the strength to fight back as they cuffed me and dragged me out of the building.
“How did I mess it up? My plan was perfect. It was brilliantly perfect…” I thought, my mind trailing off.
Down at the police barracks, my parents came in and filled out my information. When the lady behind the desk asked if I had to take any medications, I realized something. I ended up proving to not only to myself- but to everyone- that I needed medication to properly function. Man, I was stupid. I was stupid and reckless.
As I was taken away, I shouted one last thing to my family.
Slamming me into the back seat of the police cruiser, the officer said “Yeah, alright girly. Get in. We’re going away for a long time. Marcus won’t see you for a while, so forget about him. Do you understand what you have done?”
I nodded. I did understand. And with that, I was taken away for a long time, just like the officer said. And Marcus did forget about me. In fact, when I was released 20 years later, he was married and had one child- a baby girl. But I never forgot about him. And now, with my medication in my bag and in my blood, I’d get him back.
As I rode the bus into Buffalo, I looked out the window. The sky was still as beautiful as it was on that day.

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