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It has been a rough Christmas for us. The presents are practically nonexistent, but we scraped together enough to put something under our Charlie Brown tree. At least the kids will have something to open on Christmas; the gift wrap is probably worth more than the present inside it. It is the thought that counts, am I right?
I look across the room at my wife and kids. I realize that this year has been particularly rough for everyone. What can I do? The work has not been there, and the charity of the church and food pantry has kept us from starving. There is nothing more I can do that I have not already done.
I sit and stare outside the window. As I glance up into the night sky, I get my answer. The Star of Bethlehem has appeared out of the clouds and mist. I bask in its warmth and beautiful message of hope. I realize that I have been wallowing in self-pity and figurative flagellation. It is time to remember the reason for the season, and its answer is beaming down on me.
I thought my candle was about to go out, but tomorrow is another day. Merry Christmas to all!

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