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The Domiciles Project: The Character in the Door - Door #8
Cade Stevens - 12th grade
Gouverneur High School
Theatre Arts – Mrs. Amberg – Lesson #19
June 2016
Basic Flower
Art. Art was what my life was built on. It gave life reason; everything seemed to make sense to me. I felt it was my responsibility to help my daughter feel the same.
I started drawing objects when I was only four years old, with great precision. My parents couldn’t believe my skill, and I only improved as I got older. Eventually, my habit became my career as my art started to become famous around the country.
I became a parent to my beautiful little Elizabeth when I was 29. She was my whole world, and I couldn’t wait to make her into the best little artist possible. As she grew up I gave her lessons, showing her how to make different strokes and such, but she never caught on. It was so frustrating watching Lizzy show me her pictures of the most plain flower you’ve ever seen. I showed her pictures of flowers that I had drawn, ones of lilacs dancing before a sunset, and daisies blooming amidst a spring day. But she’d always bring back one of those plain ole flowers, and I never told her how amazing they were.
Elizabeth was diagnosed with cancer when she was eight years old and died three months later. How could I be so foolish to treat her like she wasn’t the best artist in the world?!
That flower, that plain little flower… My house is covered in it, because that is the most beautiful flower I have ever seen, created by the most beautiful piece of art that I have ever made.

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