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The Domiciles Project: The Character in the Door - Door #10
Kaleigh Weber - 11th grade
Gouverneur High School
Theatre Arts – Mrs. Amberg – Lesson #19
June 2016
Hey! Guess what!...No, guess…Seriously, guess!...Anyone ever tell you that you’re bad at guessing? Anyways, no, Harry Styles is NOT coming to my birthday party. This is even better! I got my very own Barbie doll!...Like my own to keep forever and ever! She’s so pretty, like all of my sister’s ones. She doesn’t let me play with them. She’s SIXTEEN and STILL has hundreds and thousands of them in her closet! I’m seven and I want them ALL! Why does she get to keep all of them? She hasn’t played with them in like, 100 years!
Mommy says it’s because they mean something to her. My big brother says it’s because she wants to look like them… She already looks like them! She’s tall, blonde, and pretty! Plus – she has her own real life Ken. Daddy says the same thing my big brother says. Mommy says not to listen to them, that they don’t really know…I don’t know what they don’t know… I think she looks just like Barbie, but Daddy says she wants to be skinny like them. I don’t really know what that means.
Sissy and I share a room and bathroom that’s connected and it’s super fun, and it’s purple! After supper, she locks herself in the bathroom and Mommy makes me sit downstairs on the sofa until Sissy feels better….. Once she forgot to lock the door, and I didn’t know she was in there. She was throwing up in the toilet and her toothbrush was in her hand. She yelled at me when she saw me and made me leave.
When I told my mommy and daddy what happened, Daddy left and Mommy said that Sissy sometimes gets tummy aches when she eats and has to get sick. I want Sissy to be okay. I don’t know what really happens when she’s in there….. How can you get sick after every meal?
Maybe she’s allergic to dairy like Daddy. He’s never sick though.
Mommy says she’s getting all the help she needs. Sissy says she’ll be better, but I haven’t talked to her in quite a while. Daddy says she’s coming back soon…. I don’t know where she is. Sissy isn’t missing my birthday though! She’s the one who sent me the Barbie!

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