The Domiciles Project



The works below are presented as they have been submitted by the artists. We do not censor the submissions, but ask participants to be mindful that content will be viewed by people of all ages. Inappropriate material will be removed.

Michelle hunched over the toilet like so many times before, quietly trying to control the one and only thing she could control. She struggled to expell the things inside her that she both loved and craved, and hated and feared. The fan whirled with its purposeful rhythm, drowning out the sound of her gagging. This was her secret, her personal journey. No one needed to know the intensity of her desires. Today in her full length mirror, she had witnessed the awful, ugly bulkiness of her body and hated herself for what she had become. She stuck her finger down her throat and suddenly her torture turned into relief and then triumph. She was the victor and she felt a surge of power run through her body. She wiped the acid from her lips and scrubbed her teeth until the mint toothpaste burned her tongue. She flushed the toilet, turned off the fan and went back into her bedroom to continue cleaning out her closet. Today was the day Michelle decided to pass on her beautiful, perfect Barbie dolls to her sister. Michelle hoped that she would come to love them as much as she had.
by Joyce Nicholas

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