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It is the hottest day so far this summer, and the local news says it’s only going to get hotter! The heat index is wicked and unfortunately for me I live in a house with three other roommates who don’t know how to pay the electric bill, so our air conditioner has been turned off until Sunday. However all things aside, it is fourth of July weekend FINALLY and I am so stoked to go out and actually have some fun! My pain in the butt roommates and I are headed to Dewey beach to get some sun before we go out for the night. You would think for four single girls who became sorority sisters during college and who live in a house together would be able to come together for at least one weekend and be civil to one another. But that never seems to be the case with us, Bella can’t seem to keep her grimy paws to herself at all and always seems to take everything of mine in sight, while Samantha, the most gorgeous one out of us all (also the most conceded) walks around with her nose up and seriously overuses the acronym O.M.G. ! Then finally there is Claire, she is the quietest of us all, beautiful but simple, easy going but an extreme pushover. I imagine any day now Claire is going to burst from all the arguing and bickering that happens in the house and have a freak out (all in due time however).
Chapter 4 cont.
Friday night was a bust for me; unfortunately nothing happened the way I imagined it would go. The beach was fabulous and I got a great tan for that night, but when we all went out to the bar we met three guys that were absolutely gorgeous. I immediately called the tall, dark, and brown haired man, whose name was Anthony. Claire got the shorter, shyer guy, and conveniently Samantha got the ‘ring leader’! All night it seemed as if Bella was watching me, and tracking every step I made, like she was planning for something! Later that night it seemed obvious what happened when Bella conveniently ran into me with her drink and got my white satin shirt completely soaked, immediately I had to run to the bathroom where I ran into another girlfriend who I went to High School with, she lent me a sweatshirt that she had in her car for that night so I would have something to put on. A few minutes later when I went back to the bar I realized exactly what Bella was plotting for, she swooped right into the middle of me and Anthony and like always, took him away! Little to say I was furious and one drink was not going to cut it for me, after tossing them back all the way up until the owner kicked me out and threw me in a cab, I went home to make my bed the cold tile floor and my pillow the white porcelain bus! Later that next day as I was in my recovery process I couldn’t help but think about when I first met Sam and how great we got along! She even helped me out with me getting my very first job as a babysitter along with saving my butt when I got caught making out with my boyfriend (at the time) on the couch by the little girl. I called Sam freaking out because the girl was so horrified that she wouldn’t quit screaming. Sam drove to her parents house so fast and picked up all of her Barbie dolls to bring them to Tina (the little girl I was babysitting) in order to buy her quiet! After that Tina was great, I only ended up staying with their family another couple of weeks but they gave me great recommendations for other families! That was the best memory I had ever had with Sam and will never ever forget it! She is the one that set me in my major for elementary education with that job find! Just the look on that little girls face when she got those dolls, I knew I wanted to create that with learning! All I could think of on that day of recovery was, was all of that worth it to continue to be friends with her? Should I stay and be thankful when Sam uses that against me every day in order to give her everything I have?

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