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Lesson #5 Developing a Character

Cape Henlopen High School  Lewes, DE



Character: a southern belle, early to mid thirties, two charming children; met her husband ten years ago, been married to him for about 7; he began to become abusive (physically at first, then mentally and physically) about 2 years into their marriage; she believes he is just taking out his stress from the job on her; she knows she doesn't deserve it, yet finds reasons to justify his abuse, such as the fact that he afforded this wonderful house for his family from all his hard work and that it's okay for him to 'let off some steam every once in a while'.


Monologue: Harrison is such a great man. He works all day, sometimes doesn't get home till eight, nine at night. He's got a nice, pungent smell to him when he comes back, he's been walking through a forest of pine trees...Oh no, it's not gin! Don't say that, that's foolish. [Clears throat, continues.] And I always greet him with a nice hot dinner. I mean, sometimes I don't even cook till ten if he's real late...the children are fine! I just end up making them sandwiches, though Harrison doesn't like when I feed the children first...Have you met Harrison? He's really a great man, just..sensitive sometimes. He loves to smoke a cigar in the evening in his den...Oh, of course I'm not allowed in there! How silly of you to ask. It's a man's know how men can be...Well, yes, I did go in there one clean, you see! I just wanted to get that cigar smoke out, and to rearrange a few things. Well, he noticed, aaand, ah, he needed to put me in my right place, of course, you see! Don't you see? It was just a slap...let's not talk about it. I mean, it's really so beautiful here.


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