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Lesson Plan # 3 Acting Shakespeare

Cape Henlopen High School  Lewes, DE


Beatrice from Much Ado About Nothing


I have no need for romance- or so I thought. I always assumed that I’d never marry and that would be that. I’d live happily without a man constantly telling me to keep my mouth shut. But then Benedick decides he wants to complicate my plans by professing his love- to me. No doubt I love him, but should I trust a man who has hated me for so long, and then turns, completely out of nowhere? Should one trust a man who once said, “It’s too bad that I’m so hard hearted, because I really don’t love anyone”? How do I know if his confessions of love are merely a mockery? It certainly would be a good way to get me back for constantly insulting his wit.  And when Hero was accused of being a whore, did he do anything? No ,of course not. After she had been slandered, he saunters up to me and asks if I’ve been crying Of course I have been crying, idiot! If I were a man, I would have killed Claudio for ripping apart my cousin’s flawless reputation. Benedick said he’s do anything for me because he loves me. Yet, when I ask him to do one thing he scoffs like it’s a joke. Does he love me? He said he did. But he can’t even kill Claudio for someone that I love. And for that, all of the love he professed can go to Hell!



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