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Taylor Ellis – Grade 10 Mrs. Amberg Lesson #7
ELA – “Doors to Stories” Domiciles Project: Door #1
Gouverneur High School
Stolen Angel
She’s locked in the closet again. Another night kept away from the world. Her father went out drinking away his sorrows. She didn’t know why he always went out and came home drunk, cursing the world. She loves him. He’s her dad and since she doesn’t have a mom, he’s all she has. Her mama went to Heaven when she was born. She never got the chance to meet her mom. She was probably beautiful though. Thunder crackled outside and she could hear the slamming of car doors. It was an eerie silence that enfolded her. She was alone in this shack her daddy called their home. She was always inside the house or locked in the closet. Her daddy said it wasn’t safe for her outside. It was a typical night. Another night locked away from everyone and everything. Or so she thought…
All of a sudden there were heavy footsteps outside the house. Whispers of unknown men echoed around outside. She was afraid and trapped. She buried herself deeper into the coats and scruffy shirts of her father. The whispers suddenly ceased and the footsteps faded away. She peeked out from the broken piece of the closet. Slowly she moved out of the coats. Her heart stopped pounding and her breathing slowed back to normal. Her fear subsided from her. She noticed the lock on their front door handle start to move. Then there was a quite audible click. There was dead silence that followed. She didn’t dare take a breath. Her muscles tensed and she didn’t move. Then the door slammed open and men in uniforms ran in. They seemed to be running around and looking for something. They then proceeded to approach her closet.
The men kicked the door in and it splintered pieces of it falling and splintering, onto the cold hard ground. She was shaking all over now. Her bottom lip was quivering and she was barely able to contain the sobs that were trying to escape her body. A hand reached in and grabbed her shoulder, followed by another doing the same. She was lifted off the closet floor and into a heavily sculpted chest. They seemed to all be police officers. She wondered why they were here. Were they here for her? She was then carried out of the dingy shack and placed into a car with blinking lights. They drove to a brick building, and she realized that it must be the police station.
As they entered, something strange happened. A young man and woman approached her, crying. ‘Why are these people crying?’ she wondered. They then proceeded to try to embrace her and engulf her with a hug. She feigned away, not knowing why these strangers were trying to hug her. The woman then sobbed, and the man comforted her.
“Arella?” said the police man.
“Yes..?” she replied in a soft, quiet voice. It had been ages since she’s been called her actual name.
“These are your birth parents. The man that was impersonating your father is just that, an imposter. His wife died during childbirth, and so did his newly born daughter. He stole you right out of the hospital, right after he found out about the passing of his only family,” the police officer said calmly.
“So this is my mama and daddy?” she asked sweetly
“Yes we are,” replied the gorgeous woman, who she would soon be calling Mama
“Okay! I’m fine with that. As long as you pinky promise not to lock me in a closet,” she replied
“We promise! You will be treated like our little angel. Our stolen angel

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