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Dylan Gibson – Grade 10 Mrs. Amberg Lesson #7
ELA – Door to stories Domiciles Project: Door #1
Gouverneur High School
I never thought I’d be so excited to wake up this morning. It was Christmas morning, my favorite holiday of the year. My friends were coming over later for our Christmas party we have every year. Danny, Mike, and Laike were going to come over. My pet parrot whose name is Parrot always plays games with us too.
It was almost 1:00 and my friends started to show up. “See ya later mom,” Danny said as he got out of the car. Now that everyone was here we decided that we were going to play hide and seek. “Danny you’re it!”
Parrot and I hid in the closet. When we peeked out through the broken cracks in the closet door, all we could see was the window which showed the docks on the lakeside. The docks were lined with lights that turn on every night. We were enjoying the view until….. BANG!
Everything went black until I woke up with the sun glaring in my eye; it felt as if I was lying in a sand box. It was only a few seconds until I realized that it wasn’t a sandbox; it was a beach. There were around 20 yards of sand and then a big jungle. I was trying to figure out what possibly could have happened when a seagull came flying out of the jungle and dropped a scroll at my feet.
I picked it up and read: Hi, I am Jordyn the seagull. In case you were wondering where you were, you are on an island yet to be discovered by man. It is just south of Hawaii. On the other side of the island there is a door that will look familiar to you. Once you reach the door… If you reach the door, you will be able to exit the island and return to your Christmas afternoon. But there’s a twist... If you do not reach the door in two hours the island will blow up along with your pet parrot whom we have taken. There is a compass 100 paces to your right. If you choose to head to the door and leave your friend, then you will travel north, if you wish to go save your friend you will travel northeast. Your time starts now.
The first thing that I noticed as I looked up from the scroll was the timer that started ticking down from two hours. As I walked to my right to find the compass, I decided that I would travel northeast to find Parrot and try to make it to the door with him. If I was going to die, it was going to be with my best friend, Parrot.
As I entered the jungle the first thing that I noticed was the bugs and the thick brush that seemed to be everywhere. After a long walk through the thick, bug-filled jungle, the clock just hit ten minutes. I began to get worried that I would never reach Parrot. As I thought that, I noticed a clearing just up ahead with torches and a shadow that looked like a small bird cage. I began sprinting through the brush. My heart was pounding. I reached the opening and headed straight for the cage which was placed right in the heat of the sun. In the bottom of the cage lay Parrot. He looked tired, worn out, and thirsty. I immediately woke him up.
“Dale!!” screamed Parrot as he opened his eyes. We sat down and talked about what had happened. Parrot said “When I woke up, a seagull threw a bag over my head.” The seagull told me her name was Jordyn and that I had been kidnapped.
We were both so happy until Parrot asked, “Hey, what does that timer in the sky mean?”
I looked up and saw that the timer had just hit 15 seconds. Parrot and I were nearing the end. I quickly said, “When the timer hits zero the island will explode… with us on it”. We hugged and shut our eyes. BOOM!!
I felt something slap my arm; I quickly opened my eyes and saw it was Danny who said “Tag you’re it!” I smiled and noticed Parrot was awake beside me. Beside him was my old 6 pound bowling ball. It must have fallen off the top shelf and knocked Parrot and me out. I looked at Parrot and said, “Nothing is more important than friendship!”

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