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Samantha Cushman- Grade 10 Mrs. Amberg: Lesson # 7
ELA- “Doors to Stories” Domiciles Project: Door # 1
Gouverneur High School
You’re Not the Only Ones
Ding! Ding! Ding! The buzzer went off and I ran. To the kitchen that is. I cooked tater tots out of the microwave. I grabbed the hot plate and the ketchup and walked back in to the living room and hit play on the TV. I sure do love all of the modern conveniences of the year 2013.
After I got done eating, I washed the plate and went in the bathroom to get ready for bed. While I was brushing my teeth, I was thinking, what if someone were to break in? But then I realized that it was highly doubtful. The people are all too nice or too lazy around here.
I heard my phone buzz. When I opened it, it said “From Jane: The other babysitter had to go home because she didn’t feel good. Can you go and check on Allie for me?” I replied, “Of course.” Jane was a really close friend of my mom’s and she lived at the next house over so it was no biggie.
I walked over to Jane’s house, and when I walked in, Allie was asleep on the couch. I just turned off the TV and picked up Allie’s mess. I didn’t want Jane to come home to a dirty house. Then while I was looking at Allie, I was thinking about how pretty she was. She had blonde hair, blue eyes, and she was really tan. I think she was turning eight next month. She seemed to be okay, so I just ran over to my house real quick to change into pajamas and grab my phone charger. On the walk back, I saw a weird van down the road. I hadn’t really seen that van around so I tried to hurry.
I walked in my house and slipped into my pajamas and grabbed my phone charger from behind my bed. When I went into the computer room to grab my book, I was scared that there was going to be someone in there because I had left the door unlocked and, you never know.
Once I had everything, I started back to Allie’s. I checked my phone to see how long it took me, it was 8:57. I had left Allie’s at 8:30. I had no idea it almost took me half an hour. When I approached the gate, it was open. Did I leave it open? Who knows. When I walked through the gate, I also noticed that the front door was wide open. Now, I knew that I didn’t leave that open. I ran into the house and saw that she wasn’t on the couch, so I rushed into her bedroom. She wasn’t there either. “Maybe she went in the back yard?” I thought to myself. When I got outside near the tree house, I yelled, “Allie, are you out here?” No response. It was pretty quiet out here except for the cars going by. I went back inside and yelled, “Allie, where are you?” Then I heard loud thumps on a wall and then I ran to the sound. I heard her crying. I found the closet door where the noise had been coming from. I went to open the door. I realized that the lock was on the outside. So many questions ran through my mind. Why would the lock be on the outside? Why is there a piece of metal on the door? Who did this to her? By then I had the door unlocked. She came running out and I could tell that she was really scared.
“What happened?” I asked sympathetically
“Two men came and took stuff of mommy’s!” She cried.
“How did you end up in the closet?” I asked
“When they realized that there was someone in the house, they panicked. They threw me in the closet and locked me in.” She looked scared.
“You wait here and I’ll go call mommy.” When I got into the kitchen, I took out my phone and dialed 911. When they answered, I told them that someone had broken in and they needed to hurry. Then I called Jane. She sounded very worried, so she said she would be home as soon as possible.
Before the cops got here, I sat Allie down so I could talk to her real quick.
“These men are going to ask you some questions. Okay?” I asked and she just shook her head yes.
One cop was questioning Allie and one me.
“Ma’am, have you noticed any suspicious activity around lately?” The cop asked.
I thought to myself, “The van?” So I told him that I saw a weird van that I hadn’t ever seen before.
He looked stunned. “What color was the van?” He asked.
“Black, I think.”
He walked over to the other policemen and they started talking. “What?” I heard one yell. Then the one that had been talking to me said with an odd look in his eye, “This is not the first time we have gotten a call like this tonight. There were three other people in this town that said what you have been saying, the expensive stuff being stolen, and the van. You’re not the only ones.”

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