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Malory Drake-Grade 10 Mrs. Amberg Lesson #7
ELA-“Doors to stories” Domiciles Project Door #1
Gouverneur High School
One Week, No Time
A young girl as young as five years old, looked out the cracks of the closet door, fearing for her life that she would be found. Neither of her parents really cared to have her around. The parents of the young girl named Ellie never really wanted a daughter, but that’s what they ended up with. That one January night made everything worse. Ellie woke up and found her parents to be gone. The little girl, Ellie, was left alone in the house at five years old.
Even though her parents didn’t care about her, she loved her parents. Whenever the parents came home, Ellie waited for them to realize that she really did care about them. She then heard a loud noise in the distance. Her father’s moan was so loud it echoed through the closet door. She took the chance to look out the cracks and saw a very disturbing and scary sight. Her father was lying on the ground with a terrified look in his eye because the mother had pushed him over and he hit his head. She wanted to know what was going on, but didn’t dare to leave the closet. Her mother came in the room and just looked around. Ellie decided to move from behind the coats; her mom’s head snapped to look at what was happening. Ellie said to herself, “Whatever you do, don’t let her hit you.” The mom found the noise to be her daughter in the closet.
“I think you should go upstairs, darling” said the mother
“Alright mommy, I guess I can use my sleep.”
Ellie went upstairs not knowing what would happen overnight. She could never sleep near her parents so she slept in that tiny white-doored closet to feel safer. After a few minutes her mom went upstairs to go to bed. The girl got so scared, but stayed curled up behind the coats in the closet.
It was the day after that dreary night, January 10th. The mother woke up and didin’t find her daughter to be asleep in her bed. She ended up going to get breakfast from the village. Ellie exited the closet after hearing the front door creek and slam shut. Her father was still on the floor, but she exited the closet. She was going out to her father’s shed to get some tools for a project. She never told her parents about anything that she had to do because she couldn’t even talk without being scared. Ellie ended up finding a plate, a metal plate and a hammer with some nails. She had an idea. She decided to nail the plate to the tiny closet door so she could live in there forever. She wanted to avoid her parents’ beatings. She felt like it was the only place that she belonged. The house was quiet and still, for her parents were gone. She still didn’t feel safe because she was actually locked in a closet. She usually took a lot of care in the duties, but today she made a mistake. She had pretty much put herself to death by locking herself in there, because she had nothing to eat or drink. The parents came home and they didn’t notice the plate over the door. They had been out drinking and partying with their friends.
The next day came and they still hadn’t noticed that she was gone. About an hour later, the father saw the plate and asked the wife why it was there. She answered:
“I have no idea why it’s there”
“Alright” the father replied.
The little girl was frightened that her father was going to release the plate from the door and find her. She was as quiet as could be, and she was safe.
The next day, it was cold and raining outside, and Ellie heard a loud noise as she woke up. Her father was beginning to remove the metal plate while she was still in there. Then, all of a sudden, she saw light to the living room and her fathers’ eyes. She was freaking out and didn’t know what to do. She spit on her father. She then realized that was a huge mistake. Her father began to beat her after he got the door open. All that you could hear was a little girl’s scream.
That was the last time anybody heard of or saw the little girl, Ellie, such a sweet little five year old girl…Gone.

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