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Joey Bush-Grade 10 Mrs. Amberg-Lesson#7
English 10 “Doors To Stories” Domiciles Project Door 1
Halloween Night
“I can’t wait till tonight,” Genna said. It was Halloween night; Genna was getting ready to trick or treat. She had just gone to the store to buy a costume earlier this morning; she was going to be a butterfly. She was going downstairs to get her candy basket ready as she was thinking, what if I get kidnapped, I mean I’m only ten and going by myself. But she shrugged it off and carried on what she was doing. So she got dressed, grabbed her candy basket, and walked out her front door.
She lived right next to this creepy lakeside mansion. She always had wondered what it looked like inside. So she started walking towards it, but she had no idea what was about to happen to her. When she got to the creepy lakeside mansion, she knocked on the front door. No one answered, so she knocked louder, and as soon as she knocked louder, the mansion door quietly crept open. When she walked through the door, she looked around for someone who had candy, but she saw nothing. Then she saw this sign that said “candy” on it pointing in the direction of a door.
When she opened the door, she saw a room with a chair and a lamp in the corner of the room. She saw another sign that said “candy” on it pointing to a door in the corner of the room, but before she could open it, this man with grey hair opened it and slammed and locked the door with Genna trapped inside. Genna was now confused about why someone would do this to a little girl. Genna was smart for her age, and she knew that she had to get out of this closet. But she knew the old man would catch her if she just found a way out, because she could see him from the door sitting in a chair.
The closet was pitch black inside, but Genna could feel clothes in the back of the closet. The closet door was broken a little on the bottom, where Genna could see out. The front of it was nailed up from where it looked like someone had already tried breaking out. The closet was small inside; Genna barely fit in it. There was only enough room for the clothes and Genna.
Genna looked through the crack and could see the old man sitting in the room on the other side. There was a lamp in the corner and some fancy brown wallpaper all along the wall. It wasn’t a very large room, though. There was a window Genna could see out of too. She saw a series of street lights outside. Now she realized how badly she wanted to get out of this mansion.
Genna tried turning the doorknob ever so slightly so that the man did not hear her, but after a while, she gave up and angrily sat down in the corner of the closet. As soon as she sat down, she felt something touch her fingertips. It was a small paperclip that must’ve fallen from one of the clothes pockets. She had a shock of excitement now and was determined she was going to get out.
Now all Genna had to do was to wait for the man to leave the room for something and escape. About one hour later, the old, creepy, grey-haired guy got up and left to go to the bathroom; Genna knew this was her chance to escape. Genna tried picking the lock on the door and it seemed like forever, but she finally got it open. She was scared to open it at first because she did not want to get caught, but she opened it anyway.
Now she had to find her way out of the mansion. Genna frantically opened a door; it was a staircase leading somewhere down below the mansion. She quickly realized that this door was not the right door. There was another door right across from the one that she had just opened. Genna opened it. It was a kitchen, also not the right door. She had one more last chance to get the right door; she opened the next door and it was the right door. She walked through the door.
Genna crept quietly to the front door of the mansion and opened it gently. Genna then immediately ran to her house right next door. After she got home, Halloween had just gotten over, and all the trick or treaters were on their way home. She was too scared to tell her mom about what just happened to her, so she just went to bed. All she got on this Halloween night was a scary memory and no candy! When she woke up, she told herself she was never going trick or treating by herself ever again.

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