The Domiciles Project



The works below are presented as they have been submitted by the artists. We do not censor the submissions, but ask participants to be mindful that content will be viewed by people of all ages. Inappropriate material will be removed.

There is a little girl hiding in a closet, seemingly worried about the outside world. Possibly even worried about her family life, more specifically her parents. Her parents fight constantly as she fights herself to understand how to perceive the situation as a whole, yet she can't figure out why they still say "I love you" to eachother as they leave for work in the morning. In order to get away from the fighting, she goes into her "clubhouse" which happens to be a closet where her parents unknowingly fight in front of her. She sees what the real world is like, how people act. She takes all of those details in and the gears start turning in her head as she makes observations on what she is growing up around; what she observes to be "love".

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