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Lesson # 1 Theatre Fundamentals/Focusing on Romeo and Juliet

Cape Henlopen High School  Lewes, DE


Juliet from Romeo and Juliet


Could you hear me when I screamed out, “Stop”? Were you too worried about what the public would say if you don’t stay “perfect”? I can’t help; so feel happy now that I am gone. I am happy. I don’t have to burden you with my choices. I am happy. Yet, I still feel worthless

For 14 years I have done what you asked of me. I have hated the Montague family- for you! I tried to morph into your perfect daughter, but when I told you that I didn’t want to marry Paris- you turned on me! You shut out what I had to say and acted as if I were just some old portrait that you were trying to sell.

I fell in love and stuck with my love. I did not want to die at first, but when Romeo lay dead next to me, I knew there was no other way out. Romeo sheltered me from the deaths you have caused. We hid from it, hoping that one day you could see what I see now. I understand now that even though friends and family were killed, you and the Montagues had to be pushed over the edge. I had to leave this world- for our world to come to peace. I accept that now.

I am sorry for my anger. I understand the reasons why you did it. I wish you could hear me now. You wouldn’t have been left with guilt and sorrow. If you ever have more children- just listen to them. It’s all they need. Being neglected is like dying slowly, and then one day, you are gone.


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